The Bourne Rivulet

The Bourne Rivulet is often in the news for the wrong reasons, laid low by pollution and drought, but not in 2012, when Trout & Salmon editor Andrew Flitcroft, in the company of William Daniel of Famous Fishing, found it in rude health -- a gin-clear stream offering classic dry-fly and nymph sport The rivulet is the inspiration for the famous angling book Where The Bright Waters Meet by Harry Plunket Greene.

How to tie the Farmer Palmer

Rob Denson first enjoyed success with this Soldier Palmer variant on Malham Tarn in Yorkshire when a farmer was grass-cutting and disturbed terrestrials were blown on to the water. A dozen trout came to the fly, positioned on the top dropper. It has versatile 'buggy' qualities. Tied by Peter Gathercole.

How to tie the Chartreuse Kate Muddler

Arthur Macdonald ties extravagant Muddler-style patterns and has developed alternative winged/Dabbler style patterns, known as Slappers. Living on the fringes of Lochaber country he has access to some beautiful and exciting lochs on the west coast of Scotland. His colour schemes reflect a predilection for black, clarets and other strong colours in this area. Tied by Peter Gathercole.