How to tie the Red Cruncher


Red Cruncher

by Beverly Winram |

A generic nymph pattern with an attractive hotspot.

Material list for the Red Cruncher

Hook: Size 10-14 wet-fly

Thread: Brown

Tail: Ginger cock hackle fibres

Rib: Fine gold wire

Body: Pale cock pheasant tail

Thorax: Red Glister

Hackle: Ginger hen hackle

Step 1. Fix hook in vice and run thread down to bend. Catch in fibres of ginger cock hackle, a length of gold wire plus cock pheasant tail fibres.

Step 2. Apply two tight thread turns to fix the materials then wind the thread up the shank in touching turns. This forms an even bed for the body.

Step 3. With tying thread positioned a short distance from the eye, take hold of pheasant tail fibres and, without twisting, wind them along shank.

Step 4. Secure the loose ends of the pheasant tail with a couple of thread turns. Next, wind the gold wire over the body in evenly spaced turns.

Step 5. Once the wire rib has been applied, secure its loose end with thread. Trim excess pheasant tail then wiggle the wire’s end until it snaps.

Step 6. Take a small pinch of red Glister and apply lightly to the thread. Dub on to form a thin rope then wind to create a small, but distinct, thorax.

Step 7. Select a small ginger hen hackle or soft-fibred cock hackle. Strip fibres from its base then catch it in at the eye by the bare stem.

Step 8. Take hold of hackle tip with hackle pliers and begin winding. Start right up against the thorax so the hackle fibres are forced upright.

Step 9. Having wound on two or three turns of hackle, secure the tip with thread then trim off excess feather. Cast off tying thread with a whip finish.

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