How to tie the Spent Rusty Spinner


Spent Rusty Spinner

by Beverly Winram |

This is one for the evening rise. The original, with a standard hackle, was devised by G.E.M. Skues of chalkstream fame, and is an excellent imitation of a blue-winged olive spinner.

Material list for the Spent Rusty Spinner

Hook: Size 14-16 Partridge Dry Fly Supreme L5

Thread: Hot-orange Uni 8/0

Tail: Bright red/brown cock hackle, three or four long fibres (Skues used honey dun)

Rib: Fine gold wire, four turns

Body: Fiery brown traditional Irish dubbing (Frankie McPhillips), straggles trimmed

Hackle: Rusty dun cock, four turns with the hackle split with tying thread

Step 1. Run on the tying thread just behind the eye and wind in close turns along the shank. Catch in a few fibres of brown cock hackle.

Step 2. Add a few turns of tying thread to hold the hackle fibres in position, then catch in a length of fine gold wire at the base of the tail.

Step 3. Wind the thread up the shank to cover the waste ends of the hackle and wire. Next, apply a pinch of fiery-brown seal’s fur to the thread and form a rope.

Step 4. Wind the rope along the shank, leaving a gap at the eye. Wind four open turns of wire in the opposite spiral to the body.

Step 5. Secure the loose end of the wire and trim off the excess, then select a rusty dun cock hackle. Remove the fibres from its base and catch it in at the eye.

Step 6. Remove the excess hackle stem. Then, using a pair of hackle pliers, wind on the hackle in four touching turns.

Step 7. Secure the hackle tip and trim waste.

Step 8. Draw the hackle fibres into two equal bunches, which should project either side of the hook. Add a turn of thread over the gap between the fibres.

Step 9. Add further thread turns in a figure-of-eight pattern so that each bunch of hackle fibres is positioned to form the outstretched spinner-wing profile.

Step 10. With the wings fixed in place, make a turn of thread at the eye, then cast off the thread with a whip finish.

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