How to tie the Lime-tailed Hare’s Ear


by Beverly Winram |

How to tie the Lime-tailed Hare's Ear, a very effective suggestive nymph. Early-season trout find the tail irresistible.

Material list for the Lime-tailed Hare's Ear

Hook: Size 10 medium wet-fly

Thread: Brown

Tail: Glo-Brite No.12 floss

Rib: Gold wire

Body: Mixed hare's fur

Thorax cover: Medium opal Mirage

Thorax: Hare's mask

Step 1 Place the medium wet-fly hook in the vice and catch the brown thread in behind the eye. Wind the thread down the shank until it is positioned just past the barb.

Step 2 Fold a length of shade 12 Glo-Brite floss to create seven strands and tie in on top of the hook shank with three tight thread turns.

Step 3 Take a length of fine, gold wire and tie it in under the hook shank using tight thread turns. This wire will form the rib.

Step 4. Use close thread turns to secure waste ends of floss and wire then remove excess. Mix light and dark hare’s ear fur and apply to the thread.

Step 5. Dub the hare’s fur on to the thread to form a tight rope. Wind the dubbed fur along the shank two-thirds of the way towards the eye.

Step 6. Take hold of the gold wire and wind it over the body in equally spaced turns. Secure the loose end with thread and then trim off the waste.

Step 7. Tie in one strand of medium opal Mirage for the thorax cover. Mix some hare’s face fur, dub on to the thread and wind towards the eye.

Step 8. Bring the strand of opal Mirage over the top of the thorax and tie it down at the eye. Secure it with further turns of thread.

Step 9. Trim off the waste end of Mirage. Form a neat head then cast off the tying thread with a whip finish. Finally, add two coats of clear varnish.

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