How to tie the Doobry Snatcher


Dooby Snatcher

by Beverly Winram |

Originating on Loch Leven, unlike most Snatchers, this popular pattern  isn’t imitative. Whether pulled or twiddled back it will catch you fish  from the far north of Scotland to the southernmost reservoir.

Material list for the Doobry Snatcher

Hook: Size 10-14 Tiemco 2487 or 2457

Thread: Black

Butt: Fluorescent fire-red thread

Rib: Very fine oval gold or wire

Body: Brassy flat gold tinsel

Body hackle: Black cock (or genetic hen), leading edge stripped of fibres

Cheeks: Jungle-cock splits

Head hackle: Two turns hot-orange hen

Step 1. Catch in the orange thread at a point directly above the barb and, winding in a backwards direction, apply the first layer of the butt.

Step 2. To prevent the butt from unravelling, bring the waste thread forward, over the partially completed butt, and add a second layer.

Step 3. Introduce the tying thread, leaving a gap at the eye for hackles and cheeks. Take the thread to the butt and tie in the rib.

Step 4. Return the thread to the throat, covering the waste end of the rib. Tie in the flat tinsel.

Step 5. Wind the flat tinsel to the butt in touching turns. Return the tinsel to the throat, making two layers. Secure the loose end of tinsel and trim off the waste. Strip the fibres from one side of the stem of a black hen hackle. Tie it in at the eye.

Step 6. Grasp the hackle-tip with hackle pliers, and begin to wind the hackle back over the tinsel body in open, evenly spaced turns.

Step 7. Once the body hackle has reached the butt, over-rib it with the oval gold ribbing material. Tie off the rib and trim away the waste.

Step 8. Tie in the split jungle-cock cheeks so that they lie in line with the hook.

Step 9. Trim off the waste jungle-cock stems then catch in the hot-orange hen hackle.

Step 10. Grasp the hackle-tip with hackle pliers. Apply two turns to create the collar. Secure and trim off the waste. Cast off with a whip finish.

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