How to tie Basil’s Buzzer variant


Basil's Buzzer variant

by Beverly Winram |

Originally tied by Basil Shields on Lough Corrib, this variant by Stan Headley uses red tinsel beneath translucent Spanflex to imitate an insect’s haemoglobin.

Material list for Basil’s Buzzer variant

Hook: Size 10-12 Tiemco 2457 or 2487

Thread: Black 8/0

Breathers: White antron

Body: Red holographic medium tinsel with fine black Spanflex over

Thorax: Build-up of black Spanflex

Cheeks: Red holographic medium tinsel

Varnish: 3-4 coats over whole fly

Step 1. Run the tying thread on at the eye and catch in a short length of white yarn. Secure it with close thread-turns then trim away the waste.

Step 2. At the rear of the white yarn, catch in some black Spanflex with tight thread turns. At the same point, catch in red holographic tinsel.

Step 3. Leaving the thread where it is, stretch the Spanflex so it becomes very thin. Wind tinsel over the Spanflex, securing it to the hook.

Step 4. Take the tinsel around the hook bend then wind it back to form a double layer. Secure the loose end with thread and remove the excess.

Step 5. Hold the Spanflex and stretch it so that its diameter is greatly reduced. Begin winding it, leaving gaps for the tinsel to show through.

Step 6. Wind the Spanflex to the end of the tinsel. Then apply two locking turns of thread around the Spanflex.

Step 7. Fix the Spanflex to the hook with further thread turns.

Step 8. Trim away the excess Spanflex with scissors and then catch in short lengths of red holographic tinsel, either side of the hook.

Step 9. Secure the tinsel with thread, working up to the white yarn. Catch in more black Spanflex and wind it in close turns to form the thorax.

Step 10. Apply a second layer of Spanflex to create a pronounced thorax then secure the loose end and trim off the excess.

Step 11. Draw the tinsel forward and secure at the eye, forming cheeks. Add more thread to the front of the thorax and add a whip-finish. I

Step 12. Trim the thread, then varnish the body and thorax.

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