Greys GR60 Rod Review

A much-loved Greys range of rods gets a major technical upgrade. Welcome the affordable and fun GR60s.

When you want to improve an already successful and much-loved range of rods, you’d better have an ace up your sleeve.

GR60 on the spey-2019 196.jpg

Greys has. Its new GR60 range is the first to utilise Toreon nano blank technology. The results are lighter, stronger, fast-action rods with the flexibility to master any modern game-fishing tactic. Whether you fish on river, stream or stillwater, there will be a rod in the range to suit you.

The looks are pleasing, shared across double-handed, switch and single-handed styles. Each rod is made in four pieces with satin-black blanks and woven-carbon highlights. AAA-grade cork handles have composite tippings at the major wear points. The two-tone anodised aluminium reel seats have woven-carbon spacers, while the quality lined stripping rings and black wire intermediates allow line to shoot and flow freely. The aesthetics are attractive, stealthy and non-flashy. All the rods are supplied in a cloth bag and solid tube.

The GR60 single-handed range has a fast, progressive tip action with masses of power in reserve, capable of delivering tight, stable loops and long accurate casts. We put a selection of sizes through their paces and achieved the best results by keeping the casting stroke smooth, letting the rod do the work and not trying to force things on the delivery. Add a double haul and the fly-line zips through the rings. The 10ft 7wt and 8wt rods will be favourites among reservoir anglers, drawing on Greys established stillwater-fishing pedigree; they are great all-rounders, at home fishing floating or sinking lines. For more delicate stillwater and river dry-fly sport there are 9ft 5wt or 9ft 6in and 10ft 6wt models. Stream anglers are catered for with a range of lengths – 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 8ft 6in – in line weights from 3wt to 6wt. There’s a model to suit every trout-angling situation; from £119.99.

The double-handed range comprises 13ft 8/9wt, 14ft 9/10wt and 15ft 10/11wt; from £249.99.

Their fast action and quick-tip recovery encourage a shorter stroke and a more bottom-hand casting style. They feel light with reserves of power in the butt when you start to load them deeper. The fast tip makes them accurate and while they can cast a wide range of lines they are particularly suited to scandi, skagit and other shooting-head lines. They’re forgiving for beginners but more experienced salmon-fishers will really put them through their paces. They also offer great value for money.

Anglers keen to try their first switch rod will enjoy the light and versatile GR60 11 ft 1in range. This quality, affordable rod is available in three line-ratings – 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 – for £229.99.

The properties of the Toreon nano blanks perfectly suit these small double-handed rods, which must be light yet still need core-power to master a big salmon when required. Like the bigger double-handed models, these rods’ fast action suits a caster with a shorter, bottom-hand style. They are made to be cast with modern precisely weighted skagit and scandi shooting-heads.


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