Trout & Salmon - November 2016

Paradise found
Charles Rangeley-Wilson falls for the visual salmon sport found on the Fljotaa river in Iceland

Open minds and bigger flies
Sniffy about lures? Keith McDonnell may make you think again with his guide to catching big river trout on streamer flies

Five foreign classics
Try these wonderful river flies from Europe that are proving successful in the UK, as recommended by Paul Procter

The riddle of Railway Bay
Stan Headley drifts between success and failure on a wild day on Loch Watten in Caithness

Start fly-tying
In the first of a four-part series, we recommend essential tools

First steps with French leaders
Jonathan White explains why sight fishing with long leaders and light nymphs is so effective

Trout surgery
Ronnie Glass with advice on barbless hooks for stillwaters

Tried and tested
The new Hardy Zephrus double-hander is put through its paces